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Our most sophisticated and modern knitting machines all, imported from abroad are capable of providing the most intricate knitting designs / patterns required to suit the changing trends. All machines have Lycra attachment.


The printing division is equipped with chest printing machines of 6 nos., MHM flack automatic machine - 2 to 6 colours, and table printing 120 feet 2 nos. for printing all types of garment prints.


Our cutting department has 6 lay cutting straight knife machines and can cut up to 20,000 pcs per day. Very intricate shapes can be cut by our BAND knife cutting machines. Also we have a manual cutting team to cut yarn dyed and small parts with embellishments.


For stitching of garments we have 90 machines. The over lock and flat machines are from Pegasus , Japan and lock stitch from Juki , Japan . All the machines are fixed with auto thread trimming and dust collection.

The machines are also fixed with top feed which reduces the tension in seams for special stitching like Decorative stitching, bar tacking, Button holing, Buttoning etc. this is done by machine - a make of Juki - Japan.


The finished garment is then subjected to a thorough check by skilled supervisors and even the smallest defect is not overlooked.


Automated ironing lines work in tandem to ensure smooth ironing of all the products. This line also serves as a final quality checkpoint before the products are packed.


Pressing is the last phase of production of the garment, which is also done with latest machines. The garments are steam pressed and vacuum sucked in order to take away any excess moisture in the garment due to steaming. After pressing the garment goes for final packing.